About Us


CINYDE S.A.C. is a private Peruvian Engineering consultancy company, specialized in Energy efficiency and Environmental protection.

It was created to solve other companies problems such as reducing operating costs, increasing productivity and achieving optimum standards of safety and environment, through eco-efficient use of energy and other resources, improving management processes and procedures, as well as staff training.


CINYDE S.A.C. was founded in 1995 by a group of former professional consultants from international organizations like the UN, EC, ICI, USAID, GTZ, who having accumulated nearly 10 years consulting experience in the fields of energy efficiency, environment, cogeneration and process, they decided to found CINYDE S.A.C. to help companies in Peru and abroad.


Our company vision is "Being the leader consulting company on Environmental conservation and Energy efficiency, solving customer needs through quality service and ongoing renewal of the company".

And our corporate mission is: "Providing quality consulting services with efficiency, allowing companies to reduce costs and improve productivity and environmental surroundings”.


CINYDE S.A.C. and each of its members values are:

  • Teamwork.
  • Quality internal processes and customer service.
  • Adaptation to change.
  • Honesty.
  • Employees-Company identification.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Saving and investing.


CINYDE S.A.C. has a variety of equipment and instruments (each of them having a certificate of calibration) for the measurement of energy and environmental variables, such as:

  • Electronic gas analyzer (SO2, NOx, CO, CO2, O2), TESTO 350S.
  • Electronic gas analyzer (CO, CO2, O2), TESTO 327-1.
  • ORSAT type gas analyzer (O2, CO2, CO), INFRALAB.
  • Smoke tester, BACHARACH.
  • Draft meter for chimmneys, BACHARACH.
  • Gas velocity meter (Pitot tube), DWYER.
  • Digital thermocouple, FLUKE 50-II.
  • Infrared thermometer, FLUKE 568
  • Electrical analyzer (kW, kVAR, kWh, kVARh, V, A, F.P., harmonics), FLUKE 345.
  • Ambient carbon monoxide detector, ToxiRAE3.
  • Digital pH meter, HANNA INSTRUMENTS.
  • PM-10 and PM-2.5 particles sampler, TECORA.
  • Gas sampling train (SO2, NOx, H2S, etc.).
  • Digital anemometer, TESTO 416.
  • Wireless Weather Station, OREGON.
  • Automatic weather station (temperature, wind, relative humidity, rain), DAVIS.
  • Electric and magnetic field meter, SPECTRAN.
  • Magnetic field meter, EXTECH.
  • Electromagnetic field meter, EXTECH.
  • Sound level meter (integrator), EXTECH.
  • Sound level meter and dosimeter, LARSON DAVIS.
  • Noise dosimeter, QUEST.
  • Light meter, TESTO 545.
  • Vacuum pumps, FURGUT, COLE PARMER.
  • Gravimetric pumps, SKC.
  • Digital cameras, PANASONIC.
  • Binocular, TASCO.